• Alicia Leo

Digital Design In My Life

I have always found an interest in creating art, mainly because my grandfather was a career artist and musician. For him, the medium was never narrow. He was a painter, an architect, modeled ships and carousels, worked with leather, took photos...you get the picture. A natural born artist. Below is an image of him that I love, taken by my cousin who is studying photography.

But although I have found a love for printmaking, which you can find in the PRINTS TAB on my website's menu, I enjoy digital design. I was first introduced to photoshop my freshman year of high school. My teacher taught us to think outside the box and I made work that I was really proud of at the time. I continued working with digital design as a creative outlet rather than a career path. Of course, I took related courses at my university, but it has never been my aspirations' focus.

But I have found a way to utilize it to get myself in the door to the television industry. I interned at Maury in 2018 for their digital team editing videos and creating graphics. This opened the door for me in many ways because while I was there I made great connections, and actually learned a lot about production. I opened the door to a few other opportunities in television and entertainment through that role. After graduating this year, I joined their team again as a freelancer doing the same type of work. I now hope that this role as a freelance production assistant can lead to my next opportunity in television. You can see HERE what kinds of work I have done for the department.

But I also create in my free time, and have created some work for school that I have been proud of. Specifically, I am extremely proud of my data-driven piece about the ROMANTIC COMEDY'S RENAISSANCE. I was able to use digital design to further my narrative and make statistics interesting to the common eye.

The most meaningful thing I have used my interest in digital design to create are gifts for loved-ones as thank you's and to celebrate their accomplishments. Below is a collage that I created for my friends as we graduated with our Master's degrees this past spring.

It consists of images of things I have collected from our college years like our first news paper as freshmen, our diploma, graduation tassel, and countless memories along the way. We might not be able to take our favorite spots and memories along with us, but this image is forever. And it's easily sent, printed, and kept with its digital format. I created this file as an 8x10 so that it could be printed and framed if desired.

This was something that my friends really cherished and enjoyed. It didn't take super long to make, but it was meaningful and outside of the box. I created these for other people as well like my boyfriend's college graduation and my cousin for his high school graduation. It was something that I enjoyed to do and found meaningful.

So although I cannot paint as well as my grandfather, I feel like my digital design work is a little piece of that for a new generation.

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