The work of Hollywood takes a unique approach to the idea of Deep Work and how implementing technology into the profession has both helped and hindered the industry. The industry was built on the basis of providing a distraction. While technology has had its hand in helping grow the industry, it also creates distractions on set and prevents deep-work from flourishing. This white paper discusses these issues and suggests how we might try to find a healthy balance in Hollywood.

The film industry came to be through artistic expression combined with growing technologies, but it began to flourish during wartime periods when the population needed a distraction from the harsh realities they faced. The ability of cinema to be an agent of diverting attention away from the human condition is the very attribute that has allowed it to become a major part of our world culture today. 


But the instantaneous and continuous connection that modern technology provides has affected the way the entire population thinks and lives on a moment’s notice. This causes work habits to change and lessens the amount of deep activity professionals accomplish during the day.


In Hollywood, the technology that allows leaders to stay connected to all personnel on a set is imperative to maintaining timelines and regulations. But some of the best work has been created from diving deep into distraction-free periods, so how can we find a healthy balance?