BLOSSOM (2019)

This short film was my senior capstone. I served as the writer, color corrector, sound engineer, associate producer, & promotions manager for the film. As the writer, I was inspired by a story that my first ever film teacher told me about his mysterious neighbor. I worked with a group of 5 other talented filmmakers to bring this story to life. 




This project explores the writing process I went through with Blossom and allowed me to reflect on myself as a writer. Blossom is 18 minutes long, but it was three years in the making. We’re now a year after the premiere, so I wanted to reflect back on this process in a new way – with a journey map. After creating this journey map, I have realized that writing is not straight and simple for anyone. But those good drafts and bad drafts helped me eventually gain the confidence and pride that I have for this little film.