My interest in becoming a storyteller was sparked in high-school when my film teacher taught me to 'write what you know.' That piece of advice has stuck with me and continues to help teach me lessons about storytelling, and life, every day.

Over the last four years, I completed my undergraduate studies in Film, Television and Media Arts and a graduate degree in Interactive Media, both from Quinnipiac. My undergraduate courses taught me the fundamentals of TV/film production, writing and media studies.

My time as a graduate student allowed me to take a step out of my comfort zone by studying user experience, audience research, and data visualization. I have been able to apply these research and design methods with writing to further my scope of the industry by gaining a unique perspective on storytelling. 

While earning my degrees, I also pursued nine internship experiences to help me gain the necessary industry experience while narrowing down my interests and goals. My diverse experience has allowed me to become well-rounded and understand how all the pieces of the field interact successfully.

From feature film & live TV production, to script coverage, digital media & talent agency work, I’ve tried it all. I found a few new paths that I believe will get me to a place where I am able to continuously grow with the shape of a changing industry, and be genuinely happy with what I’m doing. Since graduation, I've taken on multiple freelance roles in the industry and I only see good things ahead.


I’ve found that picking stories apart, finding their core, and seeing them through is something I am very passionate about. I've seen so many ways I can do this, and I am excited by all the possibilities ahead.


I’ve learned that maybe 'write what you know' isn’t always so literal. It’s about staying true to the story that you’re telling, being honest with yourself and others, and knowing the fundamentals that can take you to where you want to be.

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